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Cllr Tom Fortune speaking with the Wicklow Times says he is baffled with what is going on in regard to proposed Data Centres in county Wicklow.

There is planning permission for a Data Centre in Kilpeddar which is a very important project for Wicklow and North Wicklow, this is important to Kilcoole, Newtown, Greystones, Newcastle, Delgany and Bray. This is a shovel ready site. Vital for jobs and the spin off for industry and provision of economic power provided by its operation. This permission is in place until 2024.

There is an application for a second Data Centre in south Wicklow , my understanding is there can be only one as the power cable servicing Wicklow can only service one. So this requires explanation.

Cllr Fortune says that there are a lot of questions that need answering. People may recall that at the setting of our county development plan a couple of years ago that the county managers proposal was for this planning to be de -zoned. At that time I put in a submission that this would not happen. I was amazed at the time how difficult it was to have my submission approved. Initially I had to fight almost a lone crusade to ensure the project was not de-zoned. However at a second attempt I received enough support to have my proposal approved. I thank the members at the time who supported me , this is a matter of public record indeed All of this is a matter of public record. I would have issued a number of press release’s at the time , these can be checked with the Wicklow Times and other media.

Cllr Fortune again asks WHY was the project proposed for de-zoning. He also suggests that the IDA have questions to answer. I engaged many times with them but it was like ‘ pulling teeth’ . It beggars belief that this project would not have been driven by all of the state agencies. Again WHY             ?.

Why am I  again raising these questions ? It is because it does not stack up the more you reflect on it . Also the WHY has never been explained. It really has to be now.

Cllr Fortune says that a root and branch review must take place , from 2008  todate   It needs to review all meetings  regarding the Kilpeddar project , who met who and why and what was the the outcome. It needs to review letters and  emails. I get a real sense of unfairness about all this but my fear is it may be way beyond unfairness.

Cllr Tom Fortune

Kilcoole GAA Dinner Dance 2019

Cllr. Tom Fortune and Dave Keddy at the recent Kilcoole Dinner Dance in the Parkview Hotel in Newtown Co.Wicklow

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