INDEPENDENT Cllr. Tom Fortune

Welcome to my Web Site

I went into local politics because I am passionate about the community and I like to help people. I have worked on issues on behalf of the community since I was eighteen years old. I was elected to local government in 2004 while I was chairman of KCDA (Kilcoole Community Development Association) where I witnessed at first hand the problems that can affect communities , either through inadequate planning or poor infrastructure. My work on behalf of local communities across the District has given me an insight into their requirements now and in the future. My academic background spans across Business Studies, Marketing, People Management, Strategic Planning and Psychology. I have over 30 years experience working in corporate and indigenous Irish companies. I have experience working at board level. I have run my own business , offering business advice, strategic management and consultancy to a range of companies. I bring a broad level of life experience to work on your behalf.

 I have a keen interest in sport. I have represented Wicklow in both hurling and football at inter county level. I played soccer at youth level for Bray Wanderers . I have completed three Dublin marathons and a number of 10K’s in support of Wicklow Hospice. For the past five years I have walked the CABS(Dublin Bus) twenty six mile walk from Wicklow Town to Bray in aid of various charities.

 I am married to Ann and we have five children.



 I am a member of the county and district joint policing committee. I am a member of the economic and community development SPC. I am a board member of Bray Area Partnership which also has responsibility for the Greystones district. I am chairman of KCDA ( Kilcoole Community Association.). I am a member of the East coast Greenway group. I have served as chairman of Wicklow County Council . I have served as chairman of Greystones town council and also chair of the district council. I served as chairman of Wicklow County Tourism for seven years.

My expertise is:

1. My Knowledge of local government.

2. Dealing with local government on your behalf.

3. My desire in seeking fairness on your behalf.

4. My business background .

5. My life experience.

My Political value’s are: Fairness and Integrity.

1. I like to help people.

2. I question unfairness.

3. I have an Independent mind.

4. I ask hard questions.

I believe Independence is important in representing people in local government .


Better Local Government

 I believe it is very important that Wicklow County Council have Independent members. WHY ? .

It is important that that we do not just replicate national government at local level. It is better for local democracy if local government is not controlled by national government. As an Independent Cllr, I can ask the hard questions about national policy coming from the different government departments. It is my role to question all matters on your behalf and not support what is not in the interests of our communities. I have an established and proven track record . I am working to change local government so as it works better for us all.

Please help me to continue this work . I welcome and thank you for your support. My aim is simple , that the people living in the district be treated fairly. I want local issues to be dealt with, not ignored. I raise all the relevant issues and ask the hard questions of WCC that effect our communities. In any undertaking, you must do more than talk if you want to achieve change. Actions mean everything and I have shown in my political career that I relish the challenge of improving the lives of the people I represent.


Tom went into local politics based on the experience he had developed working on behalf of his community. He has worked on behalf the community since he was 18 years old.

Tom’s academic background is Business, Strategic Planning, and Psychology, he is a qualified Councillor.  He has worked with corporate and indigenous companies at board level. He is a very keen sportsman.

Tom gets his best satisfaction from politics helping hundreds of people on a variety of matters. Tom is very interested in Education, ( working to secure much needed secondary school located in charlesland and lobby for much needed increase in SNA’s) , Tourism ( was chairman of Wicklow County Tourism for seven years),  Our Environment ( currently working on a Bee Sanctuary project and is supporting Wicklow Schools with their Climate Action Initiative) , Mental health.( currently part of a mental group) and Policing (Tom is a member of the County Joint Policing Committee).

Tom’s political values are driven by his desire to help people, question unfairness and ask the hard questions. His expertise is his knowledge of and in dealing with local government on your behalf, his life experience, his business background. Tom believes that Independence is vital in local government.