Press Release - "FEET ON THE BEAT"

Speaking to the Wicklow Times Local councillor Tom Fortune said he is delighted to be supporting the ³ feet on the beat² initiative for Kilcoole and
supporting the committee of Charlotte Byrne- McDonald, Deirdre Moran, Paul Kelly, Sharon O¹Connor- Bradshaw, Margaret Frawley and Lisa Roche who have put
a lot of work into the campaign. The committee are delighted with the support they have received from the Gardai and hope the community will row in behind
the campaign and make Kilcoole crime free.

Addressing the gathering of 70 plus residents at the end of the march Cllr Fortune said Garda numbers are down. He overviewed the Garda structure across
the county. He said the Gardai are bringing in new recruits but more gardai are retiring then are been recruited so it would seem it will be two/ three
years before the force are returned to proper numbers. Cllr Fortune encouraged the community to keep campaigning for more Gardai. He encouraged them to row
in behind the committee and make Kilcoole a crime free area. He said every estate should have a neighbourhood watch, the Gardai will work with us to put
this in place.  He compared the great work done by Joey Hunt, Betty Hunt, Ivan Messitt and their helpers  in keeping Kilcoole tidy saying the same effort is
required in regards to crime until full Garda resources are in place. He said let¹s make Kilcoole a crime free area and that it is vital that all crimes are
reported to the Gardai. There is evidence that this does not happen. He acknowledged the work done by the community guard allocated to Kilcoole.

Cllr Fortune said we have five TDs in the county who are in the Dail most days ,he called on them to go and talk with the minister of justice and put
pressure on to get more Gardai especially community Gardai. It is their responsibility to do this.This is what they are elected for.

Cllr Fortune  added their is some anti-social behaviour in the area often perpetrated by people who are not from Kilcoole, as a community we should not
allow this to happen as it is unfair and  done by a small minority.  He said the march was very positive and the committee did a really good job. He
concluded by again asking the gathering to get in behind the committee and make Kilcoole a crime free area and that they had his full support.