Press Release - Rocks Valley decision by An Bord Pleanala

Speaking to the Wicklow Times Cllr Tom Fortune said the letter he received from An Bord Pleanala this morning the 22nd February was very welcome news for our community and the community stretching as the Murrough in Wicklow Town.
Cllr Fortune says this is a really good decision, a great day for democracy. The Bord made their decision for all the reasons we put forward:
  . The provisions of the County Development Plan 2016- 2022 including objective NH13.
  . The nature and extent of the proposed development.
  . The existing nature of the ecology on site
  . The Planning history associated with the site and adjacent lands.
  . The significant levels of recent urban development in the area.
  . Not adequately demonstrated that there are no other suitable alternatives for disposal of dredge spoil from the Dargle Flood defence scheme.
  . It is considered that the proposed development would give rise to significant levels of disturbance to the site’s vegetation and ecology and introduce concerns in relation to the potential introduction of invasive species.

Cllr Fortune says" these are all the reasons we put forward to the Board against this crazy application. You would have to ask the question what is Wicklow County Council at, are they really out of control. How much has this cost, they are just wasting money that could and should be spent on more important things. Cllr Fortune says he would like to thank the residents, and the community at large down as far as the Murrough in Wiclow Town. In particular thanks is due to Brendan Smith. Thanks to the members of Wicklow County Council for supporting and ensuring my amendment to protect the valley was approved and inserted in the Wicklow County Development plan.Also Nessa Childers MEP for the support we received from her office. Thanks to all of the local media for their support. Without all of this support we would not have been successful . A big question remains what were Wicklow County Council at, Unbelievable.”

Cllr Tom Fortune