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Cllr Tom Fortune is calling on the IDA to explain why Wicklow is not getting investment and why is it bottom of list of 26 counties.

We have good roads which are linked to road network which can easily take you to any part of Ireland and which are close to airport, shipping . We have good infrastructure and a good educated workforce, yet we get only the odd visit from the IDA  and nothing happens. We are practically in industrial/ job terms a suburb of Dublin. We are not treated in a similar way to KILDARE/ MEATH/ LOUTH which could also be classed suburbs of Dublin.

Cllr Fortune says he asked the IDA representatives when they were visiting WCC last year why is it nothing happens as a result of their visits and suggested to them that they were only going through the motions. Cllr Fortune believes that Wicklow and what it has to offer is not been sold properly.

Cll Fortune says this requires urgent attention and is calling for the senior people in the IDA to sort out. To this end he is calling on the CEO of WCC to immediately invite the IDA to Wicklow to meet the members and executive of WCC.

Cllr Fortune concludes by saying a good example of the lack of action by the IDA in Wicklow is the IDA site in greystones in Greystones which has been waiting for over 30 years for development.

Cllr Tom Fortune


SCHOOL PLACE CRISIS Independent Cllr Tom Fortune launched his local election campaign this week. Speaking at the launch Cllr Fortune talked about issues and achievements overthe past five years. Over the past five years so much has been achieved, he talked about new community centre, new playgrounds. New footpaths across Greystones/ Kilcoole and Newcastle. Delgany and Killincarrig village improvement plans. School development in Kilcoole/ Greystones and Charlesland. There was a lot of tree maintenance across the district. Improvement to local bus and train services. He thanked the local district engineer for all his co-operation in order for a very busy schedule of work to be completed.

He also talked of issues that require urgent attention, some at local level and some at national level. He is calling for clarification on proposed new 2nd level school planned for Charlesland and promised for 2021. This is coming up on the door steps, there is pressure on up to 400 places for 2021 according to concerned parents. Parents need to know what is happening. The proposed housing development in Kilcoole is an issue because of the way it is planned. The application seeks to exit on to the main street, which is the heart of the village and a busy regional road. This is crazy and not what was planned in the original plan. This will destroy Kilcoole if allowed proceed as planned. He said he cannot accept that a proper traffic survey was done, certainly not at the right time of the day. Bord Pleanala is not even listening to Wicklow county council, so what is going on.

Cllr Fortune talked about the housing crisis and the serious issue of homelessness. This is a scandal and is wrecking people’s lives. He says government policy is totally at fault here. The absolute debacle of the data centre project in Kilpedder poses a lot of questions. Why is it not getting the support that should be given to it. He also spoke of his annoyance at the way the ‘ROCK’S in Priestnewtown is allowed to be destroyed. It is a protected site in our county development plan. Also the flooding issues in Hollywell Kilcoole.

Cllr Fortuned also talked about better local government and the importance of independent councillors on local councils. There is urgent need to take the control the major parties have on local councils. Cllr Fortune praised the tidy towns groups in Kilcoole, Greystones, Newcastle and Delgany for the great work that they do, encouraged all candidates to do what tidy towns groups have asked and not put up posters in town and villages as per the schedule agreed at district meeting. Cllr Fortune also spoke with a large gathering about his role as a councillor and how he likes to help people and challenge unfairness. He thanked everyone for coming and for their ongoing support.

The launch concluded with a cup of tea and some biscuits provided by Tom’s wife Ann.

Thanks Independent Cllr Tom Fortune


Important for the future of Wicklow to get involved in this petition to show case the beautiful Wicklow countryside. Greenways across Ireland have proven a great success for local tourism.


If you can take a minute and click the link below to sign the petition


East Coast Greenway Petition